We deliver cost-effective, quality solutions.


We achieve excellence in corporate communications through apt messaging and crisp, innovative graphic design. Loyal clients over decades attest to outcomes achieved through our focus on messaging relevance, a supply chain geared to deliver to expectations and a no-frills approach to achieve an optimum cost/product balance.

Our experience in messaging encompasses the full spectrum of corporate communications – from integrated annual reports and change management projects to SMS contents targeting employees. Annual-report content meets governance requirements, while newsletters, newsflashes, management report-backs and even posters, banners and screensavers are geared to support your corporate aim of informing stakeholders appropriately and timeously. Video material, 3D animation and holograms complement the more conventional message-delivery channels.


Our vision is to become a full-spectrum communications services provider covering, amongst others, corporate communications, marketing and advertising and digital communications.


Our mission is to delight our customers by relentlessly delivering the highest levels of professionalism and creative solutions that resonates with the audience.

These we aim to achieve by

  • employing and suitably remunerating a team of skilled and efficient producers;
  • building long-term, value-adding relationships with our clients by communicating, adhering to expectations and delivering cost-effective, quality solutions;
  • targeting further growth in our current niche market of large corporates; and
  • balancing income and costs to protect our asset base and fund growth.

Rhetor is managed by

Adriaan Laubscher

Adriaan  manages writing services and operations. Adriaan started his career in journalism and public relations after which he established Rhetor as a close corporation in 1992

Driaan Laubscher

Driaan is head of design services. He was key in expanding the company products into the digital age.

Our customers, mainly large corporates, include JSE-listed companies.